In HVAC systems for commercial, academic, manufacturing, and residential buildings, an AC fan coil unit is a straightforward mechanical heat exchanger. The devices are made to heat, cool, or perform both in enclosed interior spaces. A coil or heat exchanger, an air filter, and a fan are the three main parts. Some units may additionally have a drip tray and an interior liner.

The devices have the option of hanging from the ceiling; these are known as horizontal placements. Vertical units are other setups where the fan coils are positioned on the wall or the ground. Fan coil units are typically put in places where interior temperatures must be controlled, regardless of how they are set up. They are a common type of heating and cooling in workplaces, retail establishments, lodging facilities, and resorts, and they are occasionally used to complement other, more substantial HVAC and temperature control systems. 

Two signs that it is indeed time to clean your HVAC system are increasing energy expenses and the buildup of dust and debris in the AC fan coil unit. For concerns of health and safety, it's also crucial to keep the machinery clean and clear of pollutants or other possible dangers. But you don't have to wait for warning signs to show up, like rising costs for energy. To guarantee a clean and safe working or manufacturing atmosphere, you may be proactive and tackle the issues before they become a problem.

Preventative AC fan coil unit maintenance is always preferable to having your air conditioner fixed, which will cost significantly more money. Inspection, cleaning, and disinfection are the three fundamental aspects of fan coil maintenance. This ought to be done on a regular basis, particularly if you anticipate using the air conditioner more frequently.


Look for any dirt or dust inside the fan coil's internal and external areas. Keep an eye out for crucial indications of an air conditioning issue, such as strange noises, decreased airflow, inadequate cooling, bad odors, and sometimes even moisture collection.


If you notice any dirt or grit that has gathered on the AC fan coil unit, you may give these components a quick wipe down with a cloth, brush, or vacuum. Call a specialist maintenance technician to take care of any places you are uncertain about or where you require your air conditioner to have a thorough cleaning.


Additionally, it's essential to ensure your air conditioners are clean. An air conditioner antifungal or antimicrobial spray that is available to buy at a hardware shop or online will assist prevent mold growth in the inner sections of the AC fan coil unit if you're doing it personally.

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